Another step closer

Seems like it's been a long time coming, though I know it's really only a few days...

My contract arrived express delivery today. Last chance to step away from the precipice — like I'm going to do that now!

I've only made a bit of progress in preparation, mainly in informing people about the plans. Everyone has been very supportive so far, and several have expressed envy or something like admiration. (I'm exaggerating a bit, it was actually "You're a braver man than I!") My parents were very thrilled about it, though they don't expect they'll want to visit there. My sister recently moved to Canada, and they have been to her place. But China is like a distant planet to them, and I didn't expect they would come all that way. Maybe we'll arrange to meet halfway sometime — they've always wanted to visit Hawaii.

The plans also passed the Mother-in-Law Test. No "You're abandoning my daughter!" No "How dare you!" More like jaw-drop "You're going where?"

Many other friends and relatives have responded to the email announcement with offers to help out D while I'm away. She will not lack for company while I'm away.

In other preparation news, I installed Skype on my laptop, and we bought some headsets to use with it. I bought a Creative Zen Vision M 30GB mp3/video player and have loaded a bit of music and some photos onto it. I shopped around and liked the Zen better than the comparable iPod.

Enough for now. If you haven't fallen asleep from boredom yet, I don't want to push my luck any further.

Music: Toccata - Circe

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