What I like about you

One week to go. At this time a week from today, I will be on an Air China jet somewhere over the Pacific, so I got to thinking about what I’ll miss and not miss about this place that’s been my home for just over twenty years.

Things I will miss about Seattle (not exactly in order):
  • My wife
  • Our cats
  • Seeing Puget Sound from my living room window
  • Being able to hop in the car and drive myself somewhere
  • The relatively clean air and mild climate
  • The sight of Mt Rainier off in the distance
  • My wife’s cooking
  • Being a day’s drive from my parents
  • Playing soccer on Tuesdays with the mighty Kick Arsenal
  • Having 3000+ CDs at my fingertips to suit my musical mood
  • Having a couple hundred DVDs around if I feel like watching them
  • Having lots of books around, etc.
  • Various favorite restaurants, pubs and bars
  • Netflix
  • Watching Lost on Wednesday nights
  • Cheese, and probably some other food items
Things I will not miss about Seattle:
  • The Alaskan Way Viaduct
  • Scooping the litter box
  • Having to drive myself places in ugly traffic
  • A city government that can’t seem to do much of anything, including a mayor who looks like a sausage
  • The never-ending construction next door to our house
  • Credit card offers in the mail
  • Annoying political advertisements
Feel free to leave comments suggesting other things I should miss or not miss. I’m sure I’m forgetting lots.

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