China works in mysterious ways

Just a small update. I can now view Blogspot addresses again, including this blog. I've seen news articles about the back and forth on Wikipedia, which as I write is still not accessible from here. I'm missing it as a resource, even at work, since I sometimes get background on computer programming topics there.

I'll have to write more later – this is just a quick note early in the morning. For readers in the US, Thanksgiving is this week, but they don't celebrate it here, so it will be a normal work day for us, though we may try to sneak out Friday. We haven't quite figured out how to handle holidays yet. It won't really work to take US holidays here, since our Chinese business partners freely schedule meetings then, but it doesn't work very well to just take Chinese holidays either, since the people we work with back in the states will expect us to be around. We do have a turkey dinner ordered from Steak & Eggs, so a bunch of us will converge on the W household for a taste of home.

Until later...

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