My new Chinese girlfriend

I just thought I’d post a quick note to mark a significant development in my life here. I have met someone special (sorry, D!). She warms up my cold lonely nights in a very real way. She may not be much to look at, but I think she’s beautiful. I know we’ve just met, but I immediately asked her to move in with me. Just having her around has made my life much more enjoyable.

Here’s a picture of her just hanging around the apartment.
Ah, isn’t she lovely?

Yesterday I sat here at my computer wearing a long sleeve T-shirt, a sweatshirt, a sweater, long underwear, long pants, and wool socks with a blanket over my lap. Today I can do with several layers fewer and no blanket, thanks to Midea.

Yes, there is a language barrier, so we can’t communicate very well, but she reacts well when I touch her.

My previous Chinese girlfriend does not seem to mind.
Actually, I think she may be part German, but as long as she fulfils my needs, I don’t care about her ancestry.

And on a completely different, but equally frivolous, subject involving boring domestic life, and not actually related to China at all…

One of the things I asked D to bring me from the US when she visited was some new underwear. I’m sure there’s perfectly reasonable underwear available here, but it just seemed easiest to tell her what I like and have her bring it. So she brought me two bags of Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs.

I finally got around to opening the second package yesterday, and this is what I found inside:
Four pairs of Fruit of the Loom, and one pair of Hanes – not even the same size. A little humor from an El Salvadoran garment worker, perhaps?

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