This is why I always take my camera

This afternoon, I hopped on my bike and went out to find a spare battery for my camera. I was successful in that quest, but aside from that, I saw three things interesting enough to take pictures of.

After leaving the electronics mall, a stopped by KFC for a quick late lunch, and was glad I went in.

1. See? I wasn’t making it up!

I wrote a while ago about an amusing T-shirt I saw at a subway station. I now have photographic proof that it exists:
This is not the same woman whom I saw wearing it before.

2. Drama and thrills are everywhere

When I came out of the restaurant, there was a large crowd of people gathered on the sidewalk. They were watching a small movie crew shoot a brief scene at a public phone.
I’ve marked the two actors with arrows. I don’t know if they’re famous or unknowns. Here are some closer pictures of them.
Eventually they finished what they were doing. It was a short little scene where the man goes up to the phone, slips in his card, punches some numbers, has a brief conversation, checks his watch, hangs up, and walks away. A few seconds later, the woman comes up to the phone, but apparently doesn’t do anything.

I had to wait until they were done because they were set up blocking the spot where I had parked my bike.

3. China adds another ring

On the way home, I passed by Workers Indoor Arena, where Olympic boxing will take place, and saw a new sculpture being set up outside the south gate.
It looks like it will have some kind of electronic component, as there were a bunch of cables dangling off of it, not hooked to anything. Astute readers will notice that there are six rings here instead of the Olympic five. Don’t know what’s up with that.

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  1. Yesterday I saw a girl with a tee shirt saying "men need yoga too" in huge letters. Okay it's not sexually suggested but still pretty bizarre!