Beijing rock scrapbook, volume 1

There are quite a few more local music shows I’ve been to that I don’t have time to write full reviews of, so I’ll just present some of the best photos.

2008.06.21 D-22

Arrows Made of Desire
Linga (林伽)
Lonely China Day (寂寞夏日)

2008.06.27 2 Kolegas

Easygoing (?)
Nuclear (?)
Buyi (布衣)

2008.07.05 MAO Livehouse

Mimi Liang
Dong Jiajia (董佳佳)
Shuangchengji (双橙纪)
PLQQ (漂亮亲戚)
Milk@Coffee (牛奶@咖啡)
More to come!

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