And giant robots

And to continue with my visit to the 798 Arts Zone...

I visited some of the same galleries as I did years ago, but of course the art works were different now.

This artist had a whole series of blurry grey works that didn't do much for me.

Here's one that I did like. A massive warplane is surrounded by a mass of celebrating people. Not too hard to decipher the social message there.

Some of the old buildings have been modernized more than I remember.

Here's a courtyard that had a lot going on.

There are some reminders of the area's industrial heritage.

When I visited before, I saw groups of photographers posing a model in various places. Some of that was going on, but it seems the area is very popular for wedding photos.

Notice the photographer's assistant and how she's holding him in place. Nice.

A little further along was something really interesting.

A giant robot made of parts of cars. It had a Transformer logo on its chest.

This photographer had a whole series of staged scenes.

And I'll finish off with a look ahead into the future. Are you the leader or the follower?

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