Deconstructing Beijing

Note: I wrote this on 17 February, but couldn’t get to the web site to post it. I was afraid my access to that had gone the way of my access to viewing it, but it seems to be back today.

And now for something more like my typical posts. Yesterday I walked a few blocks to a store I go to occasionally, and on the way back home I passed the construction site just over the fence from Season Park. I posted this picture a little while ago:
The view interested me enough that I hurried home, put away my groceries and ran back out with my camera. I really should just carry the thing with me all the time.

They've made a bit more progress since then, with the building on the left almost completely gone, and yesterday it looked like this.
At the right side you can see the same gate that was in the previous picture.

Here's another angle on it.
And I took a little video to post on YouTube.

Moving along from there, I came across a recycling truck that's been decorated for the Lunar New Year.
And along the street, where one year ago looked like this:
Now looks like this:
It will be interesting to see just what a "European Mansion" might be.

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