Mice in lights

As I was walking home from the office tonight (it was only just below freezing, and I can use a little exercise), I saw lots of Lunar New Year decorations. I was walking past a shopping/office/apartment complex called East Gate Plaza (“Rest easy, play hard at East Gate Plaza” – there’s also a bowling alley and a multiplex cinema that shows movies in English) when I saw a woman ahead of me stop and get out her camera. When I got a little closer, I saw what she was aiming at.
From a little further along, you can see more of the design in the back.
A few weeks ago, reindeer were pulling Santa’s sleigh in the place where the mice now romp.

And for comparison, here’s a picture of what this same location looked like back in September:
We call this sculpture/fountain thing Doc Oc.

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  1. Ahhh website no longer blocked at work, YAY. I like the Doc Oc reference, how much would it take to put a Spiderman in it's clutches?