Let’s go to bed

Here’s a quick post about a little joke that’s been going around China lately involving the Olympics. It requires a little setup. Whether you’re aware of it or not, Trampoline is one of the disciplines of Gymnastics in the competition. The Chinese for trampoline is bengchuang, where beng means jump, bounce or hop, and chuang means bed. Makes sense, as trampoline is kind of like bouncing on a big bed.

As it happens, Chinese athletes took three of the six possible medals in Trampoline, including both Men’s and Women’s Gold.

As we’re all aware, China suffered some disappointments in other sports, however.

So now they say here, “The Chinese may not be the best at running or cycling, but they’re good in bed.”


  1. Haha:)
    It's funny.
    Let's kindly forgive the one who said that cauz it's hard to manage English as you people.

  2. Good in bed? Well in my experience it varies considerably!