Beijing rock scrapbook, volume 3

Here's another installment in my series of photos from live music shows in Beijing. These are all from Day 3 of the Modern Sky Festival, 2 October 2008. Two of the bands I saw, 33 Dao and Cold Fairyland, warrant posts of their own, so this one is a grab-bag of the other bands.

Wu Zhuoling
Note the camera guy on stage right in the face of a performer. He did this all day, sometimes standing directly in front of the person. I have a bunch of pictures where he was blocking my view. In addition to playing guitar and singing, she also played kalimba and harmonica.

The Linga

Carsick CarsThe Cars played on the mainstage outdoors, and I couldn't get very close.
Pirate hats: always in fashion.
When they turn on the bubble machine, you know you're having fun.

Ourself Beside Me
But when the bubbles come on for a band like this one, you have to wonder.
OBM played a really short set. Milk@Coffee ran over time, so they started late, but even so they finished early. I've heard they hate to be photographed, so maybe they were mad about the camera guy being in their faces all the time.
Still, their version of "Interstellar Overdrive" was cool. I wonder how many people in the audience knew it was a Pink Floyd tune.


  1. I think I wouldn't like being photographed if I looked like that! ;-)

    Bet this isn't posted....

  2. Hey, I'll admit that the women of OBM are no supermodels, and they certainly have a way of dressing unattractively on stage - I guess that's just how they are. But I like the way they sound, so looks are secondary.

    And I bet you wouldn't make a comment like that if it wasn't anonymous... ;)