I Gotta Get outta This Place

If there was any chance I was regretting the choice to make a quick trip back to Seattle now, this sealed it:
That’s what it looked like at 8am from my window this morning. Obviously the good air we had during the Olympics is nothing but a memory.

For comparison, here’s the same view on a reasonable day (29 December 2007):
Then again, it’s 8am and my flight leaves at 4:20pm and I haven’t even started packing. I’m trying the new direct Beijing-Seattle flight on Hainan Air. Saves a lot of time, but I was kind of liking the relatively easy Customs experience in Vancouver. We’ll see.


  1. very good post.Very nice photos.I also wanted to see this place.

  2. @boat: I'm assuming you intended to comment on a different post, since you probably are not wanting to see my Beijing apartment!

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I always like getting comments just so I know someone is reading this stuff.

  3. Hello I have just discovered your blog while I was searching what time Chinese go to bed because I have phoned one colleague today at 6 pm our time which was 12 pm their time. As far as I am concerned, Asian people are very conservative about these things and I worried if I was very impolite or not.. So, what do you think? Until what time is it considered good to call a Chinese?

  4. @elif: I have certainly had Chinese people call me up until 10pm or so. Most of those I know are awake until midnight most nights, but I wouldn't guess it's polite to call that late unless they are expecting it. I have not had a conversation dealing with this specific issue, however. Those who deal with people in other countries are aware of time differences, so they'll probably make allowances. And like anywhere else, there are probably differences based on age group and circumstances. College students will probably feel different than 9-5 office workers.