It really is a water park

It really is strange how things work out sometimes. After not posting anything here for several (maybe more than several) days, this morning I wrote about how I had discovered Nan Guan Park, and how I thought it would look cool if they ever turned the fountains on. This morning I went to the gym for a workout, so I was a little later than usual walking to the office. When I came to Nan Guan, lo and behold, there was water.
This struck me as such coincidental timing that I had to get out my camera and preserve the scene.
Fun for young and old alike.
And just for another example of Strange English... ponder this one for a bit. It’s a panel in the electrical closet next to my apartment. I went in there to add more money to my meter, and noticed this writing. I’m perfectly willing to believe that the Chinese writing makes sense, but the English is another story.

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  1. Can see right speak. To imatate Yoda, "Sense make, that does not"

    And yes I did get the prize for winning the quote contest.
    Ladies and Gentlemen I am the proud owner of a Chinese car magazine (very cool and appropriate) and the rare (at least in the US) Bimbo Bread wrapper..Thank you JD :)