It’s Too Darn Hot!

Location: Beijing
Status: Hot

Just for fun, click over to ask.com and type in Beijing weather. Here’s what I just got for a result:

7-Day Forecast

Extremely hot
41 ºC/105 ºF
22 ºC/72 ºF

Extremely hot
43 ºC/110 ºF
21 ºC/70 ºF

Extremely hot
38 ºC/100 ºF
20 ºC/68 ºF

Extremely hot
39 ºC/102 ºF
19 ºC/66 ºF

Extremely hot
41 ºC/106 ºF
22 ºC/71 ºF

Extremely hot
40 ºC/103 ºF
25 ºC/77 ºF

Extremely hot
37 ºC/99 ºF
22 ºC/72 ºF

I put in the ºF for those not yet used to the ºC, which I’m starting to get the feel for. I don’t try to convert, I just try to remember what 22ºC feels like, or 41ºC. I’ll give you a hint: 41ºC is darn toasty.

I got the air conditioning going in my apartment on Sunday, just in the nick of time. When I got off the plane on Friday afternoon, it was actually kind of chilly, cooler than it was in Seattle last week. That did not last. I’m just glad the building maintenance people work on weekends, or I’d be melted into a puddle of American goo on the floor.

For further amusement, here’s a little news item related to both music and the Olympics: Kids' band contributes song for Olympics. These kids have been in the news a lot lately over here, and I managed to find a place where I could download their song. It’s very cute and it rocks. China’s youngest rock stars, indeed. If you feel the need to listen to it and can’t find it on your own, let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction.

It’s much too busy at work for me to think much about anything, so I’ll leave it at that for today. It’s after 10 and I just got home from the office, and I’m tired.

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