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Last Friday in our weekly staff meeting someone mentioned table tennis, and someone said, “We should get a ping pong table for the office.” CL told the administrative head that the purchase would be approved and to go ahead and start the process of getting one. After the meeting, the admin guy asked one of the other Americans if CL was serious. Yes. Yes, he was. So the table arrived this week, and now we have a way to blow off a little steam during these trying times.

Since the table is in an area near several people’s workspaces (including my own), we’ve devised some rules about acceptable hours of play.
As with badminton, I haven’t played in ages, but I’m determined to learn to hold the paddle the way all the Chinese do. It works for them, and I haven’t played enough to built up any habits around the old-fashioned way of holding it.
Here, CL gets in on the action with one of our visitors from the US, in town for meetings.

The heat has continued, occasionally interrupted by rain, but I’ve tried to maintain a habit of walking to the office as often as possible. Many times I passed by a fenced area that had some sort of strange sculpture inside, but never really knew what it was. Finally I went in, and it’s a lovely little park called Nan Guan (which means South (of) Embassy, I think – it’s just south of the big Russian Embassy). It’s called a “water park” but I’ve yet to see the fountains going. I’m sure they look pretty interesting when they do.
But even aside from that, it’s a nice little haven in the midst of the city, and I usually arrange my walks to pass through it. Unfortunately the “haze” you see here has been pervasive the last few weeks.
And one last little bit…
They’ve been washing the exterior windows at Seasons Park.
And a shot looking up at the tower next to mine. I just thought this picture looked interesting.

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  1. We finally got around to seeing what you have been up to. You have been doing interesting things. Thanks for sharing. It was sure nice seeing you and D in Seattle.

  2. hey jon! so not only do you play soccer, you play badmington and table tennis.. what are you some kinda modern pentathlete?

    have fun!!